June 4, 2016 · 5 minute read

How Khimera Digital was created

The story behind

Khimera Digital starts from a little idea, impulsed by a big dream, it’s to help the other people dreams become true, that’s why I have started Khimera Digital with brilliant minds who are also good people working hard to keep the dream alive.

I was a dreamer boy living in a hard context, it’s not easy to start to work in the software and game development when you live in a rural zone with limited resources, don’t have an internet connection, or books or even any pc near to practice, hard but not impossible.

The first game I have played was super Mario Bros in a SNES from the brother of my brother, a little confusing eh? Isn’t, my mother in that time lived at Cali (Valle del Cauca Colombia) working to send money for me and my grandmother. Around 2000 my mother had a new partner and had a son (my brother), his father already had other child (the brother of my brother) and he has a NES console, one time my mother had took me to Cali to visit her and to my brother, and my step brother (the brother of my brother) have shown me Super Mario Bros, playing Mario Bros is one of the greatest feeling I remember of my childhood, but I have got back to my grandmother house and haven’t play again for a while.

The dream starts a few years after I have player Mario for the first time, when I reach the secondary school and see for the first time an old computer in the computing lab, it happens due the government donated a few computers to several rural schools to stimulate the education process and technology adoption. Old computers with windows 95 (in 2006) and a few ones with Windows XP, great machines if you never had touch/use one before. I just got obsessed with it, I remember that I always wanted to be in the computer lab, as long as I could, just seeing, exploring, playing ‘Minesweeper’ and a few months after playing N64 emulator games. Then I just imagine, how would I create my own video games?

The story continues a few years after high school in 2010, My mother died and I get lost inside my own head, it’s hard to explain but for a few months I just was without any motivation to do anything. Moths later in December of 2011 I heard about a course at SENA (Colombian National Learning Service), the course was of game development and I just got exited again after almost 2 years of feeling lost and without any motivation. I got enrolled and started the game development course, I was very excited and with high expectations. In the course, I have meet to Victor Riascos, one of the most important persons on my professional career, he was the main teacher of the course, a one of the great person I ever meet, as professional an as a good person. He was teaching a short time due he has go to Spain to keep studying and improve his abilities, but in that short time he has achieved motivated me enough to keep going in the same way and goes to be a professional game developer. Trough the course I has participate of a few events, like Campus party where we win the 1st place at radioactive game jam (thanks to Victor again for that, without him we could not have done it) and Colombia 3.0, a great event with great mind talking about development and creative industry.

One year after I started to work in Press Start Studios as intern, Thanks to Luis Parra for that, he is other of my heroes, he has get me the opportunity of start working in a real game company learning from a great team and working in a real product. I have started working on gameIt and agent awesome as IA and in game Inventory developer, a great experience to start as developer, thanks to press start for that. A year after in 2014 SENA have called me to teach game development, just like Victor had, that is another great moment on my life, I just was only 19 years old (near of 20) and then I was achieved a few successes in my developer career, SENA was the starting of all, the Khimera Has started, as an idea around 2014. I have worked as freelancer from 2014 to 2015 and finally Khimera was born, mid 2016 khimera get the first medium size projects and now we a growing up!

Now Khimera have great people working to keep the dream alive, Edwar Vergara, he was a part of the khimera team, now he is not with us but he has helped to build what we are now. Jairo Olaya, a team mate, friend and now a company partners, is a great developer that have helped to get up and keep going forward. Johnny, our very talented 2d artist, a really good person and a big friend, and Deissy, the newbie, the little dark girl :D, she is just doing her first steps in the industry but are big steps, very talented 3d artist. All of them are critically important for the company, without their efforts khimera just will be nothing, thanks to all of them, and thanks to Adriana, my love that support every what I do and my family, my mother, grandmother, uncles, and my little brothers, without them I’m just nothing.

That’s all, that’s the dream and that’s we have started. I have started alone now we are a growing family, a great family.

PD: Long life to videogames and heavy metal |..|