Nakama Server by Heroiclabs

September 5, 2017 ยท 2 minute read

Open source alternative for multiplayer games.

Nakama is a server designed to be used in multiplayer games in real time and social games and even apps, it is initially developed by the Heroic Labs team and supported by the GitHub community since it is an open source project.

The main features of Nakama are:

  • Users: Registration and identification of users using social networks, email or the device id.
  • Storage: Can store configurations, user information and custom collections (works on the basis of cockroach data)
  • Social: Users can make friends and join groups.
  • Chat: Direct chat between users, groups and global. You can keep the history of the conversations.
  • Multiplayer: Multiplayer in real time or in turns.
  • Score tables: Dynamic scores, by stations, users top or social scores (friends)

It is important to highlight the possibility of extending the functionality of the server using scripts (LUA Script)

The open version of Nakama can be implemented free of charge on a local or remote server (virtual or physical). You can run it on a 10$ VPS or even on a 5$ VPS, we just need to install Cockroach (database) and Nakama server (available on GitHub) or you can even use a Docker image to run the server, you can find the installation instructions and documentation in the following link

You can also use Heroic Labs’ Managed Cloud service, this one has an initial cost of $ 599 according to the requirements of the game or application.

Among the clients of Heroic Labs using Nakama server are:

To develop using Nakama we have the following client SDK’s:

Really a great option to streamline the development process of our games or apps at a reasonable cost and with a wide range of features in addition to the support of a growing community and the Heroic Labs team that is always there to help and resolve any doubts that can be presented to you.

If you are a programmer and wish to collaborate with the collective development of Nakama (server or one of the SDK’s) you can do so by going to the Heroic Labs GitHub page and start supporting this great project.