Simple DPD Mail for Deployd

May 7, 2017 ยท 1 minute read


Simple integration of nodemailer with deployd. Get it on GitHub


npm install dpd-mail --save


Go to your dashboard and create Mail resource and enter the requested info.

  • host: Host name of your SMTP provider. Defaults to ‘localhost’.
  • port: Port number of your SMTP provider. Defaults to 25
  • ssl: Use SSL.
  • username: SMTP username.
  • password: SMTP password.
  • defaultFromAddress: Optional; if not provided you will need to provide a ‘from’ address in every request.
  • internalOnly: Only allow internal scripts to send email.
  • secret: secret key or password to make external requests, only for external calls, will be ignored for internal calls

To send an email just call the post method of the mail resource you have created.{
  from: '"FROM" <no-reply@example>',
  to: 'to@example',
  subject: 'Your subject',
  html: '<b>Html Content</b>',
  text: 'Text Content',
  secret: 'aisufdy6das827d'
}, function(result, error) {
  console.log(error); //Delete the log calls if you want

Change mail with your resource name.


For any help post an issue or write to